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Water Purification Process

1. To begin our purification process, ordinary city water is put through a water softener which we use to remove the calcium from the water.

2. Secondly, we filter the water through a carbon filter which is used to remove all chlorine from the water supply.

3. Then the water undergoes reverse osmosis which removes 98% of everything in the water, excluding oxygen which remains in the water supply.

4. The water is then transferred to a storage tank in which a UV light source is used to disinfect the continually circulating water.

5. Finally, upon entering the store to fill water bottles from our vending system, the bottles are first washed using purified water injected with ozone (O3). Ozone is much stronger than using ordinary disinfectants and as it is in a gas form when pressure sprayed into the bottle, it will then dissipate leaving no unwanted taste.

6. The bottle is then filled with the reverse osmosis water from our storage tank and as it passes through the nozzle to the bottle it undergoes one last shot of UV light to make sure your water is safe and disinfected. This allows you to enjoy the purest water you can!

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