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About Best Waterworks

Edmonton Water TreatmentAfter a 15-year career in healthcare administration in southern Alberta, Art Kollmann moved to Strathcona County and and built a home on an Ardrossan acreage. Initially, the rusty well water on his acreage was a shock, not to mention the cost of the septic system. He phoned just about every water treatment company in an effort to clean up his well water. "I'm sure I talked to 15 different people and got 14 different answers," he said.

The confusion and the quotes, ranging from $1,000 to $4,700, sparked Art's interest in finding a solution, and he hasn't stopped learning since. Art ended up working for a water treatment company and buying equipment, with the intent to service all kinds of equipment and determine which have the best track record. He decided to start his own rurally based company, Best West Water Treatment, after becoming disenchanted with commuting to the city every day and realizing that most of his customers lived in the Strathcona area.

After ten years as an acreage based service oriented company, Art Kollmann and Best West Water Treatment & Pump Services were proud to expand and open "Best Waterworks" in Maplewood Plaza on Brentwood Boulevard. He continues to service residential and commercial water softeners, chlorination, peroxide and ozone systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, distillers, water pumps, filters (including iron, carbon, sediment and H2S) and pressure tanks. He also cleans and repairs cisterns, shock chlorinates wells in accordance with Alberta Agriculture and Alberta Health Standards and repairs and vacuums septic tanks. Best Waterworks also provides it's customers with a "state of the art" self serve pure water fill station with a bottle sanitizer, as well as a great showroom with all leading brands of new and reconditioned water treatment equipment.

We are located at #13- 52 Brentwood Boulevard in Maplewood Plaza and are open 10am to 8pm weekdays, 10am to 4pm Saturday and are closed on Sundays. Our pure water vending outlet allows you to bring in your previously used jugs and receive a sanitization of the jug, five gallon fill and cap for just $3.50, and for an even lower price per fill, ask us about our punchcard system. Also, feel free to check out our showroom filled with water treatment equipment and our great deals on filters, bottle covers, crocks and mini crocks, coolers, cooler cleaning kits, spa chemicals, and more.

If you have any questions , please call Best Waterworks Ltd at (780) 417-8700, or for residential or commercial service please contact Art Kollmann at (780) 975-2378.